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Turbot is found in the cold waters of the Atlantic and Pacific. He has a tender, buttery meat with a delicate, nutty taste. It is visually recognizable by its flat body and mottled brown skin.




From aquaculture in Spain

This is what makes the turbot special

The turbot is native to the cold waters of the Atlantic and Pacific. There it stays near the seabed, where it can adapt excellently to its surroundings with its flat shape and brown-spotted skin.

Its tender, buttery meat with a delicate, nutty taste. In the kitchen it is valued for its excellent quality and is a favorite among gourmets. It is often steamed, fried or grilled and can be seasoned with a variety of spices and herbs.

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Already knew?

One of the fascinating characteristics of the turbot is, that he is a so-called “Right-handed” is, what means, that it is flatter on one side than the other. This asymmetrical shape is due to the fact, that the turbot spends a large part of its life on the ground and adapts perfectly to its environment.

It is also hardly known, that it normally floats on the left eye. this means, that his right eye is on the flat side of his body, which gives him a better view of the ocean floor, where he lives.

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