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Passion and dedication at the Hamburg fish market.

The Story of Shumin Yin

Shumin Yin came as a student with only 100 US dollars to Hamburg and worked his way through various part-time jobs to the Hamburg fish market. There he started as a temp and worked hard, to eventually start his own company with his own vision.

Yin Seafood is not only the first fish wholesaler at the Hamburg Fish Market, run by a Chinese. Shumin Yin and his company are also the first Chinese in all of Europe, that imports and trades fresh fish. From the foundation 2001 Shumin Yin and his wife initially took on all the tasks themselves – from customs clearance to transport. With tuna, however, they had found and perfected a niche product.

The Chinese messenger WeChat also played a special role in the development of the company. Yin Seafood was the first company, who opened a grocery store in Germany via WeChat and was successful with it.

Today, Yin Seafood is the largest tuna importer in Germany. The company has over the last year alone 1000 tons of tuna imported.

In addition, Yin Seafood is known and certified for introducing various types of fish and seafood to the German market, including meager, Finishing, Yellowtail Kingfish oder Abalone.

Yin Seafood is more than just a company, it is a story of devotion, hard work and perseverance, to make his dreams come true.

The Hamburger Abendblatt reports

Already 2006 gilt Shumin Yin als der “Thuna King” from Germany

We are a familyoperation

Shumin Yin's vision and passion has passed to the next generation. His daughter Benita is now also part of the family business and contributes her own ideas and skills. Together they continue to run the company with the same attention to detail and dedication as when it started.

Yin Seafood is not just a shop, but also a family, who works hard at it, to offer high quality seafood and to satisfy their customers. With their many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the fish trade, they continue to set new standards in the industry.

At Yin Seafood, we are not just a shop, but also a family, who works hard at it, to offer high quality seafood and to satisfy their customers.

Our long-serving employees are invaluable to the company. With their experience and knowledge, they make a significant contribution to the success of the family business and are reliable partners in working with customers.

Quality always in view

At Yin Seafood, we attach particular importance to quality and sustainability. We're proud of it, that our founder Mr. Yin not only personally inspects the factories in the exporting countries, but also has an eye on the working environment of the fishermen and employees. We are also committed to fair working conditions and environmental protection. Therefore we have strict control mechanisms and high demands on our processes and the quality of the goods. Our suppliers are certified by the standards and labels below.


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You can find out in our film, how we work and how our exotic goods, for example from Sri Lanka, get to the Hamburg fish market.