exotics by YIN

Exotic fish from around the world – from the parrot- and scabbard fish up to hamachi.


High commitment for special fish

Mr. Yin introduced a variety of exotic fish to the German market. He has always paid attention to the highest quality standards: Regular inspections of the factories and working environments of employees and fishermen are carried out personally by Mr. Yin.

You will find these exotics with us

The silvery teardrop is an intriguing marine fish with its striking silvery body and distinctive dark stripes down its sides. It convinces with its mild and at the same time aromatic taste, which delights lovers all over the world.

The grouper is a valued food fish with juicy meat and a special taste. With its striking appearance, the grouper not only appeals in terms of taste, but also visually draws attention to itself.

The red snapper is native to the Gulf of Mexico and the western Atlantic. Its bright red flesh has a mild flavor, sweet taste. His appearance with the big eyes and the pointed mouth is unmistakable.

The parrotfish lives in the tropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. He has a tender, but still juicy meat and is known for its bright colors and its characteristic, curved mouth.

Mahi Mahi, also known as dolphinfish, comes from tropical waters worldwide such as the Pacific or Indian Ocean. He has a white one, tender meat and a mild one, sweet taste.

The red mullet is a coveted food fish. Its bright red coloring and its smooth, silvery shimmering bodies make them a real eye-catcher in the water.

The black scabbardfish is found in the depths of the oceans around the world. He has a fixed, tender and mild meat. Its appearance is characterized by its dark, almost black skin and the characteristic sword shape.

Otherwise, nothing is left to be desired

Whether eagle fish, Yellowtail Kingfish, Abalone, Hamachi oder Buri, we supply you with premium quality.
We are also striving, Our product range, to expand steadily.

Individual requests are also possible – we give our best, to fulfill your desires.

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