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Discover the unmistakable pleasure of our seafood and let yourself be seduced by the fascination of the sea.

The diversity of the oceans

At Yin Seafood you will find seafood specialties from all over the world. From delicious shrimp to succulent scallops to tender lobster, we offer a diverse selection of seafood, that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Each piece is selected according to strict quality standards, to guarantee you an incomparable taste experience.

You will find this seafood with us

Vongole Veracci are a popular type of mussel, which is widespread in Italian cuisine. They are characterized by their small, elongated shells and their delicate, white flesh out.

Calamareti, also known as squid, have tender flesh and long tentacles. They are skilled hunters and versatile in the kitchen, be it grilled, fried or in seafood salads.

The mussel is a sought-after seafood with tender flesh and an unmistakable taste, which is also known for its health-promoting properties.

The shrimp is a prized marine delicacy with a great texture and unparalleled flavor. Their characteristic long-bodied appearance, curved tail and distinctive feelers makes them unmistakable.

Otherwise, nothing is left to be desired

Whether tuna, sole or sea cucumber, we supply you with premium quality.
We are also striving, Our product range, to expand steadily.

Individual requests are also possible – we give our best, to fulfill your desires.

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