Mussels by YIN

The mussel is a sought-after seafood with tender flesh and an unmistakable taste, which is also known for its health-promoting properties.





This is what makes the mussel special

The mussel is characterized by its special ability, on rocks, Stick to stones or other shells. It forms dense mussel beds, that don't just serve as protection, but also create ecologically valuable habitats. The mussel also filters large amounts of water, thereby helping to purify and improve water quality.

Mussels have a number of health-promoting properties. They are an excellent source of protein and contain omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties and may have a positive impact on heart health and brain function.

Due to its versatility in preparation and its unique taste, the mussel is very valued in the kitchen.

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Already knew?

A little-known feature of the mussel is its remarkable ability, to connect with each other and form so-called mussel beds. These mussel beds don't just serve as protection from harsh sea conditions, but also as an important habitat for numerous marine organisms. In addition, mussels can coordinate their growth and reproduction through chemical communication, by releasing specific pheromones. This amazing ability enables the mussels, to work together efficiently and increase their chances of survival.

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