Zu Gast bei Yin Seafood – Participants of the Transgourmet Seafood study trip immerse themselves in a variety of exotic fish

A new day dawned, when Yin Seafood invited the participants of the trend tour organized by partner Transgourmet Seafood to a special adventure.

early morning at 5:45 They went to Hamburg's professional fish market, where fireworks of exotic fish enchanted the senses. From the impressive giant cobia to yellowfin tuna and amberjack, the parrotfish and the grouper – a true abundance of taste and colour.

The hustle and bustle of the fish market offered the participants an extraordinary experience. Between the sales stands and auctions, they immersed themselves in a world full of fish diversity and the pulsating heartbeat of the fish industry.

Against 7:30 The action shifted to the Yin Restaurant, where an authentic Chinese breakfast awaited the participants. With a variety of flavors, Flavors and texture sensations, breakfast was a real treat for the senses. Each bite offered an intriguing combination of spices, fresh ingredients and centuries-old culinary traditions.

Mr. Yin took his time between the culinary delights, to give a personal lecture about the beginnings of Yin Seafood. He shared his passion for the fishing industry, his tireless commitment to the company and shared insights into his travels to fishing villages around the world. His inspirational story clarified the cornerstone, upon which Yin Seafood was built.

The morning expedition with Yin Seafood offered a unique opportunity to the participants, delve deeper into the fascinating world of the fish trade. We thank you for the visit and the interesting exchange!

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