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The tuna is an impressive predatory fish, who is known for his tremendous speed and power. It is characterized by its firmness, juicy meat and its delicate taste. Its intense aroma and slightly oily texture make it a popular ingredient in numerous dishes.

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This is what makes tuna special

The tuna is known for its large and powerful muscles, which give him a high swimming speed. Due to its high content of omega-3 fatty acids and valuable proteins, tuna is also considered a healthy and nutrient-rich choice for a balanced diet. It offers a variety of preparation options, be it grilled, fried, raw as sushi or in delicious salads. Its strong meat and pleasantly firm bite make it a real treat for fish lovers.

Tuna is a popular ingredient in many culinary traditions worldwide due to its intense and characteristic taste.

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A little known fact about tuna is, that it is one of the fastest fish in the world. With speeds of up to 75 Kilometers per hour it can travel enormous distances in the ocean. The tuna also has a special temperature control system, that enables him, to keep his body temperature above the ambient temperature. This is how he is able to, to remain active even in colder waters and to hunt its prey effectively. These fascinating characteristics make tuna a remarkable and adaptable sea creature.

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