Live now: Yin Seafood's new website

Yin Seafood presents its new modern website: Your gateway to exquisite fish specialties and our special own brands.

After much detailed work we are happy to announce, that our new website is now online and offers you a comprehensive source of information about our wide range, our high-quality own brands Ji Hao Gold and Ji Hao Silver as well as insights into Yin Seafood and our processes such as import and ordering.

On the new website you will find an impressive variety of exquisite fish specialties from all over the world. From delicious tuna and tender seriola fish to delicious turbot and red snapper, we offer you a wide selection of first-class fish products.

You can also learn more about Yin Seafood and our passion for first-class fish products. As an importer with years of experience in the industry, we strive, To offer you only the best fish. Learn more about our history, our values ​​and our commitment to sustainability and quality.

We welcome feedback and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

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Yin Seafood presents its new modern website: Your gateway to exquisite fish specialties...

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Tuna fillet piece

The tuna is for its feast, juicy meat and its delicate taste. Its intense aroma and slightly oily texture make it a popular ingredient in numerous dishes.

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