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Salmon is a sought-after fish with bright orange flesh and a delicate taste. His unmistakable appearance with a slim body, Silver scales and characteristic fin shape make it unique.

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Atlantic Ocean

This is what makes the salmon special

The salmon, a sought-after food fish, is extremely versatile in preparation. Whether fried, grilled or fried, The salmon develops its delicate aroma in a variety of ways. Asian dishes are also particularly popular, such as fried salmon with a delicious combination of sweet and spicy sauce. With its numerous preparation options, salmon offers true culinary diversity for connoisseurs.

Because of its delicious taste and diverse uses, salmon is a valued fish among gourmets and chefs worldwide.

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A little-known fact about salmon is its remarkable color change throughout its life cycle. Young salmon are silvery with dark spots, while adults are bright red in color with a silver belly. This fascinating transformation reflects the salmon's growth and adaptability to different habitats.

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